Watch out for road crews LouisvilleKY as we prepare for our first snow of the season

Brine solution applied to roadways in advance of winter precipitation

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 4, 2017) – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) road crews in Louisville and the surrounding counties will be pre-treating interstates and other routes today in preparation for the snow that is expected to fall on Thursday. Motorists should be alert for slow moving trucks on area roads spraying brine throughout the day.

The pre-treatment of “salt-brine” gives KYTC crews a head start on the winter weather. The brine dries on pavement surfaces leaving a thin layer of salt that will activate when precipitation begins to fall. The salt-water type treatment combats snow and ice buildup on driving surfaces making it easier to plow off.

Currently, the KYTC District 5 facilities combined have approximately 36,000 tons of salt on hand. A guaranteed delivery order of another 10,000 tons of salt is scheduled to arrive in February to restock our salt domes. Approximately 165,000 gallons of liquid calcium chloride and 90,000 gallons of salt brine are also in stock to help combat snow and ice this winter. District 5 has the equipment to produce more brine in order to replenish supplies.

snow team

Snow removal is based on a priority route system tied to level of traffic and critical needs served by each highway. District 5 personnel have the responsibility for clearing more than 3,500 single lane miles of state-maintained highways in the counties of Bullitt, Franklin, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble. 172 state and contract trucks are utilized to salt and plow the roadways in these eight counties with 72 of these trucks concentrated on the interstates in Jefferson County.

Per an ongoing agreement with Louisville Metro government, the Metro Department of Public Works will treat and clear state roads other than interstate highways—about 400 miles of roads—in Louisville.

The Cabinet has developed a new webpage for all snow and ice information. The public can visit to learn more priority routes, access helpful weather tips and fact sheets and view informational videos on salt application and snow removal.

snow salt trucks

As KYTC crews have made preparations for clearing roadways, motorists should also make safety preparations by following these tips:

Pay attention to weather advisories. Weather will impact your commute on some level
Travel only as necessary during major snow events. It’s better to be stuck at home than to be stuck on the road
Maintain a safe distance from snowplows and other heavy highway equipment
Do not pass snowplows on the shoulder
Allow time for a slower commute
Winterize vehicles
Supply vehicles with blankets, flash light and an emergency supply kit
Know before you go. Visit and download the free Waze app to check traffic conditions before you travel
Eliminate distractions (e.g. using phone and eating) while driving
Cooperate with the expectations of the Quick Clearance law, which requires drivers to move vehicles to the shoulder in the event of a non-injury crash