WAVE Confirms Boel Joining News Team

WAVE-TV general manager Ken Selvaggi said today that the station has hired former WLKY-TV newsman John Boel as a reporter for its morning newscasts. He said

Boel with some of his Emmys

Boel will not be a co-anchor but has been hired as a reporter with some potential co-anchoring duties. HIs first day will be Jan. 2.

Selvaggi said he believes Boel’s knowledge of the market and experience in Kentucky and Indiana were the major reasons for the hire. “I think he has a lot to offer and that he has always done quality work. I think his best days are ahead,” he said.

Boel, who won more than 70 journalism awards in more than two decades at WLKY, was fired after being charged with a second DUI last year. He enrolled in a rehab program and this fall released a book about his experience. Boel was known for his investigative pieces at WLKY, and for participating in and reporting from Ironman competitions.

“He believes those issues are behind him and we hope that’s the case,” Selvaggi said. “Obviously it’s a daily challenge but we’re optimistic he’s put it behind him.”