Wedding wrap-up part one: it was perfect.

Our wedding was perfect. I don’t remember much of it, as I was assured I wouldn’t. Also, people told me I wouldn’t eat for all the flitting and fleeting. They were right, though I did manage to score a pile of fried macaroni & cheese balls at the end of the night (kudos to the awesome folks at Masterson’s, especially Sueanna).

I also swore I wouldn’t work at my own wedding, but it turned out that the only peace and quiet I had during the party was when I hopped on stage for about twenty minutes. Nervous Melvin & the Mistakes were the perfect band, and they didn’t mind one bit — nor could I stump them — when I called out songs and keys, despite never having played with them before. Need a band? Hire them.

But anyway … throughout this whole insane process, I learned that we have amazing friends and family. Some have Martha-Stewart-like talents to make rehearsal dinners and wedding spaces look like a magazine set. Others who are less crafty can somehow remain calm and remind us that things like centerpieces and tablecloths are not as important as remembering your vows or enjoying the day. It was lovely to know we have friends and family who can do both. Balance is everything.

I haven’t seen any photos, other than the ones some family members have posted on my FB page, but I’m sure I’ll have some to share soon enough.