Weekend Edition Featuring the Rick

I get the feeling that Rick Pitino is not over his little spat with the media. You may remember that hastily-called press conference, when Pitino blasted the media for reporting on the whole Karen Sypher mess. I went to that one, and the media assembled there are still scratching their heads over Pitino’s speech, which was to tell everyone in the media that they shouldn’t cover Sypher’s antics because they were lies. He seemed to be motivated to speak out after a TV station interrupted programming to report a new Sypher development.

Rick PitinoBut Pitino can’t control what the media chooses to speculate on, no more than he could control Villanova’s Corey Stokes the other night. Pitino has since bailed on his coaches’ show in a well-publicized distancing from Terry Meiners. He tried to make things up to the media, sort of, inviting local sportscasters to one-on-one interviews, provided the name “Sypher” was off limits.

That’s all in the past, of course, but I’ve noticed Pitino taking jabs at the media. Here’s something he said yesterday at a press conference:

“You guys will be very happy. It’s your life. It’s going to very instant, the happiness and sadness. It’s the way you live your lives, from article to article. The anti-Japanese, the writers of this world.”

OK. Rick. I’m sure it’s all in fun. But just remember, those writers always get the last word. The Cards are on at 11 this morning against Marquette, on ESPN2.

Speaking of Which: The media certainly did not ignore the latest in convicted extortionist Karen Sypher’s saga. Wimpy Judge Charles Simpson, who was supposed to sentence Sypher Tuesday (most experts predict she’ll get at least 6 years for trying to extort millions from Pitino after screwing him on a Porcini’s table in 2003), granted Sypher a one-month reprieve yesterday. Simpson said he wanted time to rule on her motion for a new trial.

The document (Link from WAVE)  from Sypher’s new lawyers contain some juicy e-mail quotes, like this one from Tim Sypher, about the house that Karen delayed leaving for a while:

“waste of time…she puts the house up for sale then refuses to sign an offer sheet for 1,000 less that we asked for,,,she said I am not signing it till I know where I am going….just for starters….loony tune….going to court Aug 13 Syph

And then we learn that Karen’s whereabouts were being tracked in this exchange from Tim Sypher:

“On a very good note, my PI has my soon to be ex with her new boyfriend on the GPS we put on her car. he drives up to kentucky this weekend to film her coming and going. she is about to get fucked by a train…….i am going to hammer her.”

Juicy, juicy. There’s also a lengthy explanation of how perverted attorney Dana Kolter was, with a claim that he had evidence of Karen Sypher performing oral sex on his iPhone. (Hooray for technology!).

None of this alters the crime Karen Sypher was convicted of  in court — she did try to extort millions from Pitino. So why Simpson would delay sentencing because of her new lawyer’s desperate ploy is confounding.