WHAS-TV News Director Finds Abandoned Dog

Mean people suck.

Sad sight - Dog left behind

That may be the message to take from a story that comes to us from WHAS-TV news director Mark Neerman. On Sunday morning, Neerman was walking his own dogs in Central Park and happened upon this poor animal chained to a garbage can and apparently abandoned by its owner.

Appalled, Neerman went home and got the animal food and water and called Metro Animal Services, which sent an officer out to pick up the pooch. Neerman said he didn’t know how long the dog had been there.

Neerman posted word of the incident on the station’s site and on Facebook, prompting a groundswell of reaction from dog lovers angry with whoever the owner is who abandoned the poor dog.

Now, Neerman says, he wants to do something to help the animal. MAS rules state that the dog has to remain with the organization for five days in case the owner comes in and claims him, and then would be put up for adoption.

Neerman also mentioned the professionalism of the MAS officer who picked the dog up. Yesterday, Fox41 reported that Mayor Fischer said one option being considered for dealing with the troubled department is to turn it over to the Kentucky Humane Society. He’s waiting for an audit to be completed before taking action.