What? A Wet Blanket of a Weekend

Yuck. Rain. All. Weekend. Long.

Called Off. I’ve heard at least two events are already called off due to the stormy weekend forecast, including Casks for a Cause, which I had planned to attend. Let’s all go to the soccer game at Slugger Field Saturday night.

A Room with a Tune: On Thursday, folk singer Todd Snider filled the Bomhard Theatre with his long-winded stories and catchy tunes. The crowd was content to laugh, giggle and sing along, except for that one lady who badgered Todd, during the show, until security escorted her out. ToddSnider

All In For Dads Day. Of course I love Father’s Day, and would like nothing more than to get out on the golf course with my boys. Instead, it looks like watching the U.S. Open on TV may have to do. LEO’s Aaron Yarmuth wrote this really cool column on his dad, the Congressman.  LEO Weekly

Taylor Trusty
Taylor Trusty

Blackstone Moves to Main. Congrats to Taylor Trusty and the gang atmoving/” target=”_blank”> Blackstone Media. Their new offices are on Main Street.

The worst part is the night before. If you’re 50, you should have done it already. Your life may depend on it. I got mine this year. Talk to  your doctor. Get a colonoscopy. (Insider)

The Real Story of 2X: You’ve seen him on TV, but the former felon is working for peace in the region, focused on helping stop the number of gunshot wounds with a U of L trauma team. And helping spread the word about the Colon Cancer Project. Listen to Rusty.

rs102RogerBaylorLet’s Get Roger Baylor to Move Across the River: There’s a lot more than beer to Roger Baylor. He’s got some sensible ideas that are making public officials in New Albany squirm. And he’s running for Mayor. He’s on the Rusty Show.

Fischer Reacts: Last weekend, a police officer shot a man who was swinging a huge pole at him. FOP Chief on Thursday wrote a public letter taking aim at unnamed “liars, sensationalists and race-baiters.”  Here’s the Mayor’s reaction:

I appreciate that emotions are high after the tragic event of last week. This letter does not reflect the sentiments of me or the vast majority of Louisville’s citizens, who know that we are all on the same page, working to build safe and strong communities for all of our families. We are in this together — police who put their lives on the line to keep us safe while building strong relationships of trust, and community members, who must be engaged citizens involved in our efforts to create a compassionate, thriving Louisville. Rather than incite anger and distrust between the police and the community, my administration will continue to work to build those critical relationships and the trust they create.

Beginning of the End of a Good Thing: Local airbnb hosts will likely face new regulations and enforcement once the Metro Council has its say. LouisvilleKy.com

But you Can’t Shut Them Down: Insider talked with an ex-desk clerk at the Economy Inn, and we got a much better idea of the depravity going on there. Still, officials can’t come up with a plan to shut the place down. LouisvilleKY.com

Uh, Be Carful Who You Offer the $10K to: That Tom Mabe. He must not have thought his prank would demonstrate how easy it is to hire a hit man on the street.