What’s New: Bill Ronay, JCPS, Judy Green and a Game

Let’s have a big welcome to our newest contributor here at LouisvilleKY.com, Bill Ronay. I met Bill a few weeks back, and he quickly told me his retirement philosophy as it relates to his life — “My wife promised to take me for better or worse, but not for lunch.”

It used to be a really big game

So Bill, who has successfully operated businesses throughout a successful career, is now helping people figure out how to retire right. His new business, “Third Wind’, offers a personal analysis that helps new retirees assess their physical and fiscal fitness. Then Bill has set up relationships with organizations that can best use the skills of retirees. Of course, he describes himself as a “mediocre golfer,” but seems to keep himself busy exercising, sculpting and being an entrepreneur. I’m looking forward to what he promises to be weekly reports on his firm, My Third Wind.

JCPS’ Radical Plan: Consultant Gary Orfileld has submitted an extensive report on JCPS, one that suggests some radical change. And how could it not? Orfield suggests more clusters for elementary schools, and he seems to have figured out a way to use all the Census data available to reduce the amount of time kids spend on buses while maintaining the all-important diversity aspect. Which is what the board asked him to come up with.

Now it’s up to the board to examine the results and implement it. Orfield basically threw out the concept of neighborhood schools, saying that choosing to go down that path would result in over-crowded East End schools and a return to segregation.The basic news flash from the report — it can be done. The new plan, if adopted by JCPS, will go into effect next fall.

It Used to be a Big Freaking Football Game: Until both teams came out sucking. U of L and UK play Saturday night in Lexington, where the Wildcats are favored by 7. Some people are trying to hype it: Kentucky Sports Radio’s main topic today: Louisville Sucks. But remember that it was UK, just a few years ago, that ruined the season-opening tradition by moving its home game to the third game of the season. As a season opener, the game got a ton of interest and a big national TV package and was once the only game on TV in all of college football when it aired. Now, ho hum. UK is 2-0 after a pair of underwhelming outings, while the Cards have been even worse, losing to a Sun Belt school.

What’s Left of Judy Green’s case: I’ve been following Phillip Bailey’s (@phillipmbailey) tweets at the Judy Green trial downtown, and am convinced that Green knew what was coming, and hoped to save herself some embarrassment by resigning, hoping the trial and all this evidence wouldn’t be made public. She is being made to appear foolish, inept and incompetent. as evidence previously unreported is now being released. And Green’s idea of government service seems to have meant bending the rules to take care of her family.