When Exercising Think Outside the Box- Visit the Hill!

Before I moved to Louisville I never dreamed about taking a run through a cemetery for a workout; how morbid would that be? After experiencing Cave Hill and its majesty beauty, its more like an en-lightening experienced than a feeling of death or darkness. If any cemetery could be one of beauty it would be Cave Hill. If any resting place could be one that gives you a nice challenging walk on a Sunday afternoon it would be Cave Hill! If any cemetery could give you peace in your soul it would be the hill.

What I like about going to Cave Hill for a workout or walk is:

  1. You have numerous courses and paths.
  2. The scenery is fantastic.
  3. You are challenged physically and mentally on any road you walk.
  4. You have peace while exercising there.
  5. History resides there, lots of it! Learn about it.
  6. Every tomb stone has a story to tell. Just imagine.







Sure its not our goal to visit a cemetery more than we have too, but if you want to enjoy a place for a nice walk, a feeling of history and a peace in the soul visit Cave Hill Cemetery! More workout tips…