While You Wait, News on Schools, Media and Jer

Still awaiting word on the all-important re-districting plan that is holding up everything in Frankfort.  Today the C-J takes its stand, pushing for keeping everything the way it is (old district plan) and rightly criticizing the partisan method used for setting new boundaries. You can’t leave this up to the politicians.

Chef Edward Lee was almost the Top Chef

Here’s some other big and small ideas:

Charter Knowledge: If all you know about Hal Heiner’s push for charter schools in Kentucky is what you hear in that expensive ad campaign, take a look at this OP-ED by JCTA president Brent McKim in today’s C-J.  Using public money for private schools, no matter how you slice it, is a bad idea, and McKim’s piece points out specifics as to why that’s so.  The issue is scheduled for a hearing Feb. 14 in Frankfort.

OK. Leave ’em Behind: Kentucky schools have been granted a waiver in complying with the Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act. That means that Kentucky schools will create their own system of accountability, including rewards for progress and no penalties for not reaching the NCLB’s standards.

Domine Doing It. . . on Radio: If you want to listen to former WAVE sports director Bob Domine on the radio — here’s your chance. He’s got a new radio show starting Feb. 20, daily from 2-3.  It’s on 1570-AM, a southern Indiana station that’s home to Rocky Knight’s morning show and various live games.

What’s Mayor for Life Doing?: In an interview on cn/2’s Pure Politics show, Jerry Abramson wouldn’t say that he’s running for governor in 2015, but did say that he’s confident a new constitutional amendment to approve casino gambling in Kentucky has the votes to pass in the Senate and is ready to go.  Abramson, despite being out of the media spotlight, says he’s been plenty busy as Lt. Governor and Steve Beshear’s wingman.

You, Too, Can Feud: Think you and your family can come up with answers to game show questions? WDRB-TV is hosting auditions for Family Feud, which airs at Noon and 12:30 weekdays. You just have to have five family members who are related and will show up Feb. 25-26 at the Ashley Furniture store on Bluegrass Parkway (I thought it was going out of business). If you’re interested, call (323) 762-8467.

Local Foodies Bummed: 610 Magnolia chef Edward Lee was eliminated last night in competition on the popular cable show Top Chef. Lee made the show’s top five and prepared a braised pork belly and smoked oyster crema dish with pickled vegetables. Yum.