White Takes Flight; Louisville Live Seeking New Host

On the set with Tara Bassett and Becca White

I met Becca White a few years ago, when she was a lowly intern on the new Louisville Live morning show airing on WBKI-TV, the local CW affiliate. She was always pleasant, smiling and appeared happy to be working in the TV business. Eventually they allowed her to appear in a few segments and do some on-air interviews.

As the station made numerous changes to the show, and a new ownership group came in, Becca was a constant presence. And then, she got a big break when she was promoted to co-host of the morning program, along with Tara Bassett.  And while the show has never made much of an impact on local TV ratings, Becca appeared to be more comfortable in her role as co-host, interviewing all sorts of guests and discussing her opinions on things. And the show itself appears to have proven itself.

On Monday she was given quite a farewell, as the station invited in her family members to wish her good-bye on the air. She’s taken a job as a flight attendant. The station has placed on ad seeking a new co-host for the show.

Here’s a quote White gave about it:

“I’ve had two dreams jobs, and I’ve already had the chance to accomplish this one, co-hosting a talk show in my hometown….now it’s time to follow my heart into the airline industry,” says White. Her co-workers “are excited (for White), but we’re going to miss each other every morning at 10. Tara (Bassett, White’s on-air partner), (Executive Producer) Erica (Benton) and I have really developed a great synergy in the last seven months, and we have a great friendship off the air, so as hard as it is to leave the job, I’m grateful that the entire crew at WBKI is supporting my choice to pursue another career dream.”