Whoever Heard of a PDS?

Jamming at Waterfront Wednesday

I’ve had my fill of not only weather, but weather panic. And of the new (to me) weather term — PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation)

Last night, during a perfect evening on the Waterfront, I was enjoying Over the Rhine with a thousand or so folks with a gorgeous sunset in the background, with the Belle of Louisville rolling by on the River. Suddenly, about 8:30, the singer Karin Bergquist announced this was the last song because she’d been told to wrap it up because of the oncoming storm. So there was no encore and the crowd dispersed. Blame the city.

Two hours later, we were still waiting for rain and watching Jay and Monty and Kevin and the rest of ’em going wall-to-wall about the impending. . . rain.

Yes, the conditions were particularly dangerous, and we dodged another bullet around here. But it’s getting old.

Oldsters Pushed Back: The rain’s having an effect on Valhalla, where the Senior PGA guys are teeing off an hour and a half late in the opening round today thanks to last night’s 1.5 inches of rain. The PGA’s early morning press release noted minor damage to trees on the property. Of course, the grass parking lots they’d planned to use are saturated.

Rain on Abbey Road: The Beatles’ event scheduled for today at 11:30 on the roof of the Visitors Center downtown is being moved to Fourth Street Live. The idea of playing on the roof of a building, to simulate the Beatles famed 1969 concert in London, seemed like a great idea. The Festival is still on for various spots downtown.

Powerless: Here’s a cool map from LG&E showing power outages still affecting people.

Look Out, Bill: During a live shot this morning in Strathmoor Village, WAVE’s Bill Menish got quite a shock when a transformer exploded while he was reporting LIVE. You can see how surprised he was.

The Mayor Delivers a Budget: Remember a few months ago when Mayor Fischer was holding meetings with citizens around town asking them for input on cutting the budget, and then everybody who showed up wanted him to spend more on their projects. The hammer comes down today, when Fischer delivers his budget address at 3:30. Key words: cuts, layoffs.

Perusing the NDFs: If you think awarding Kroger cards for door decorating contest winners is not the way you want your tax dollars spent, check out the agenda items for tonight’s Metro Council meeting – $6,500 to sponsor the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Also, there’s a few dozen “noncompetitively renewed contracts” with vendors.

Still Overpaid: Following up his report on the bloated administrative salaries at JCPS, WLKY’s Duane Pohlman ambushed board chair Steve Imhoff in a parking lot, and the scene wasn’t good for Imhoff.  Pohlman reported that JCPS spends significantly less of its budget on instruction than comparable cities.

New Editor at Louisville Magazine: He’s Kane Webb, from Arkansas.