Why Becoming A Family Nurse Practitioner Can Help In The Wake Of Covid-19

Following the current health crisis, many individuals will be re-evaluating their careers and life choices. Jobs that were previously secure have fallen by the wayside, and, for a great many, the future looks bleak as lockdown imperils their ability to earn.

At the same time, it has become apparent that the poor health of the nation leaves individuals vulnerable to new viruses. People who suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, and conditions that leave them immunocompromised are all at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Anxiety is growing fast as people wonder if they are at risk of catching the virus and how they can keep their families safe. Suddenly, the health that so many have taken for granted is considered a blessing, something to be cherished, looked after, and maintained. 

In this situation, the importance of healthcare professionals to our society has crystallized, and such jobs offer not only the ability to help people, but they also offer practitioners job security in the face of an oncoming recession. 

The Role of a Family Nurse Practitioner

Diet, exercise, and maintaining good mental health has never been more important. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, you would be delivering primary care to families and individuals to improve patient outcomes and help families stay on a positive path during these uncertain times. Entering the front line in the country’s fight against COVID-19, you will be providing primary care from birth all the way through to end of life, building trusting and enduring relationships with your patients.

While becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner has obvious advantages in terms of the benefits it can bring to your community, you may also be inspired to know that it comes with great personal benefit to you and your career.

More Responsibility 

Going beyond the bedside, Family Nurse Practitioners utilize their skills to diagnose, order tests, prescribe medications, and admit patients to hospital where required. This treatment of patients, from onset of illness through to recovery, results in better clinical outcomes, making Family Nurse Practitioners a valuable asset to any medical facility.

Increased Earning Potential

Never before has the nursing profession been so highly prized, meaning that the earning potential for Family Nurse Practitioners, which was already lucrative, looks set to increase in line with demand. Registered Nurses can fast track their qualifications with degrees from Marian Nursing, enjoying flexible options to fit around their already demanding schedules. Lucrative benefit packages, alongside enticing bonuses and average salaries of over $90,000 per year, make studying for this qualification a worthwhile exercise.

Better Job Prospects

The shortage of primary care physicians leaves a gap in the medical field that must be filled. With their extensive training, Family Nurse Practitioners are in a position to diagnose, prescribe, educate, refer, and interpret results, delivering a level of care that can potentially provide a solution to mitigate this shortage. This, in turn, means that with a Family Nurse Practitioner qualification, you can enjoy greater career prospects and leadership opportunities than ever before.