Why I hate AT&T

If you live or work in Louisville Kentucky near the Hurstbourne and I 64 area you may be experiencing problems with your AT&T phone! In fact, come to think of it , if you live or work in the United States you may be experiencing problems with your AT&T phone!

I’m frustrated, I’m angry, I feel that AT&T has let me and others down and I’m tired of it! I had the chance to get out of my At&T contract when Verizon picked up the iPhone and then when Sprint picked up the iPhone but like a jerk I figured AT&T would make things better. They have not!

Since last night, intermittently, I’ve been unable to place or receive calls on my iPhone. Talking to other people in my office, they’re having the same problems. I just got off the phone with AT&T and was told there servicing several of the towers in my area and there are tower outages 10 miles away from where I work. I asked a simple question why couldn’t the servicing of the towers be done on a weekend or overnight? There was no answer. We all know why, it would give inconvenience to the engineers!

So I have an iPhone that I’m paying for unlimited calls, but can’t use it. As a Louisville realtor I need my phone, I need to be able to make and receive calls! Luckily I have a Skype account which allows me to make those calls. I can check my voicemail to see if I’ve received any calls. But it’s an inconvenience, I thought as the customer AT&T would consider my inconvenience over the inconvenience of their engineers working overnight. I was Wrong wrong wrong!

If any At&T officials are reading this blog post and wonder why AT&T has a bad reputation maybe you can put two and two together. If this was the first time I had a problem with my AT&T service it might be different. But six months ago I went through a similar torture. Same problem, no service at my office and was told AT&T engineers were working on upgrading the towers for the new high-speed Internet service. Hello….. what high-speed Internet service you mean in the year 2020?

AT&T says the servicing of their towers will be completed this afternoon. Great, just in time for the weekend! I’ll be out showing homes this weekend but I’ll try to make it up point of coming into my office see if service has been restored. If not, I expect Monday will be another nightmare and another phone call to AT&T.

We would love to hear if you’re experiencing a similar problem with your AT&T service. There really is only one solution, write about the problem, talk about the problem, get media attention about the problem and may be AT&T will start to get the message.

I’m committed to another two-year contract with AT&T. But management hear me loud and clear, if this persists, I won’t go quietly into the night. I will scream from the tallest mountain tops. I guarantee I won’t be the only one calling your operators. We’re going to demand service, were going to demand an adjustment in our bills and if we need to, we will file a class action suit against AT&T for not living up to their part of the contract and providing service.

I’ve asked AT&T to call me back with the status update. Then I  realized  how would I know if they called me back I can’t get any phone calls.  Any suggestions on how to get out of my AT&T contract?

Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago, and co-owner of The Medley Sokoler Team in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team by clicking Louisville Real Estate.