Why Wouldn’t Obama Come to Manual?

This may be the coolest high school project in history.

Students at DuPont Manual High School have created “The President Project” with a specific and attainable goal — to have President Obama come and speak at the school’s 2012 commencement.

A scene from the Manual President Project video

So the school’s students created The President Project, complete with a web site, video, interview with Mayor Fischer, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The new video was just finished, and there’s an entire campaign designed to get to the President the message that Manual is a place he should come and check out.

My two sons who graduated from Manual (classes of ’08 and ’09) and both had a wonderful experience, moved on to excel in college. I have another one that could become a student there next year. There’s no better high school education available in the state. It’s all true — 99% college attendance rate, 26 average ACT scores and a diverse and smart student body. There’s a list of all these student achievements on the Facebook page and the web site created for the project.

But the best part is the creativity of the students who came up with a project that could utilize their brains and make use of technology to make a plea for the leader of the free world to speak to them personally.

How could the President say no?