Why Your Retail Staff Should Have Branded Clothes

It can feel more relaxed when employees are in their own clothes, but there must always be a clear definition between staff and customers. Otherwise, you’ll have customers who are too nervous to ask for help and other customers who will even go so far as to berate other customers for not helping them. It makes an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved, and it can all be fixed with simple branded clothes.

The clothes in question don’t need to be ugly or corporate/tech-looking, either. You can have a high end, polished look just as well as a more relaxed daytime look depending on your retail brand. The only thing that matters is that there is a clear delineation because once they have that branded look, you’ll be able to benefit from:

Why Your Retail Staff Should Have Branded Clothes

There are four main reasons why your retail staff should wear branded clothes.

They Can Be Found From Far Away

If your business is outside, or the store you operate is large, then being able to spot and find employees from far away is an absolute must. You never want customers to wander to someone that they think might work there but then ends up being just a customer themselves. A good way to really do this is to have someone in uniform near the entrance or even just a cut-out; that way, customers know what to look for and can find your staff easily.

They Can Be Found in Crowded Locations

Trade shows, busy stores, and restaurants are all fairly crowded. By being able to pick out who is staff and who isn’t, you can help customers get served easier, and in turn, improve their experience.

They Improve Customer Confidence

Finding and knowing immediately who is working at the store and who isn’t can help assuage many people’s anxieties. It can therefore improve customer confidence and help speed up their shopping experience.

They Can Improve the Company Culture

Employees can feel more like a close-knit family when you use branded clothes but do remember to follow up with an excellent company culture to really bring everyone together.

Examples of Branded Clothes to Consider

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out the branded clothes. Start first and foremost with the type of work that your employees will be doing. If they work outside predominately, for example, you can get custom hats and t-shirts. If they work inside, they’ll have something different. If they work in a more high-end location, then again, what they wear will need to look different.

There are two ways to stand out. One is with a curated, consistent look. This is the same t-shirt and hat combo. It is ideal for businesses that see a lot of foot traffic and need customers to be able to spot employees from a distance.

The other option is to put together a dress code of sorts. A jewelry store, for example, may have a “branded look” that doesn’t have its logo on them but rather a business formal dress code. Knowing which solution will suit your business best boils down to the customers, your brand, how busy it is, and even what your staff are doing as part of their day.