What Will Louisville Look Like Sans Obamacare?

Most people know by now that the Affordable Care Act has provided anything but affordable healthcare and many pundits feel like that is one of the major issues on President Elect Trump’s agenda that won him votes. Premiums are on the rise as are deductibles and many major insurers have opted out of the game. If Trump holds true to his campaign promises and does away with Obamacare, what will the outcome be like for Louisville? Will blue collar workers be insured in the future and what will workers do during open registration? After all, they are being told to sign up for a plan on a choice of two government websites, so will this give them insurance? Here are some questions being asked.

What Is Trump Saying About Pre-Existing Conditions and Extended Youth Coverage?

In a recent interview, Donald Trump said that there were two very good aspects of Obamacare that he would like to keep while trashing the rest. He says that the coverage for pre-existing conditions and families with children keeping them on their coverage for longer periods of time are very good. He would like to keep those particular parts of the Obamacare plan. But what can he do about the lack of insurance companies willing to accept what the plan allows as payment?

Why Insurers Are Dropping Out Like Dead Flies

Those in the field of healthcare administration such as those with an MSN in nursing administration know that the industry is losing a huge amount of money because of the Affordable Care Act. It doesn’t take having that online RN to MSN degree to see that large institutions are losing money each year and that many can no longer be competitive with the outmoded technology they have in place. Why are insurers dropping out of the plan? The real reason is that it is not economically feasible. However, will Louisville doctors and hospitals be able to work with patients again, in the future, who have no coverage? Bear in mind that the reason Obamacare was such a huge attraction is that patients couldn’t withstand the high cost of treatment and so many went untreated for years on end.

Will Any Other Parts of the Obamacare Plan Remain Intact?

Now that the general public has a good idea that they will be able to get coverage even if they have pre-existing conditions which had previously been excluded prior to the Affordable Care Act, and they can keep their children on their policies until an older age, what are any other areas that will be excluded? In that same interview, Trump says that he hasn’t really had time to go over the plan in detail so at this time there really isn’t much new information to deal with.

Once he is in office in the early days of 2017, President-Elect Trump will look at Obamacare as one of his first tasks in the White House. What this will look like for Louisville sans Obamacare is yet unknown, but for the time being, it is safe to believe that those two aspects will remain in force. As to whether or not you need to register, at this time that law is still in effect, so yes, go to the website and register for the plan of your choice. Until a new plan is in place, that is your legal obligation. Next year might tell a different story but until then, it is the status quo – Obamacare stands.