Will Things Ever Get Back to Normal in Louisville?

And, he got a Derby mount

There’s plenty of water in places it shouldn’t be, but hey, it’s time to start partying for Derby!

Let’s Play Two: The Bats try to make up last night’s rainout at Slugger Field with a doubleheader tonight against Durham. Don’t take your dog. The “dog in the park” promotion has been pushed back to June 1. Tonight there’s live music and $1 beer until 7.

Not Where You’d expect to Find Calvin Borel: Fashion model? The three-time Derby winner landed on the cover of a local mag with wife Lisa. But he almost didn’t get a mount in this year’s Derby, until Horse_racing/wires/04/27/2080.ap.rac.kentucky.derby.borel.0132/”>Twice the Appeal’s owners came calling.

That Would be a Lot of Fishing Licenses: The state’s Fish and Wildlife Department is taking some heat for spending $3,900 on a luxury suite at Slugger Field. Defending the expense to the State Auditor, a spokesman said the promotion was necessary with all the competition for recreational time.

Speaking of Defending the Indefensible: Now David Williams is coming to Richie Farmer’s defense. His quote: “You know, $300 a day, you couldn’t hire Richie Farmer and his celebrity status and be there to promote that. So I don’t think that was a bad expenditure of state dollars for Richie Farmer to do that.” Just doesn’t get it, does he?

And More Richie Spending: Maybe Richie staying in all these hotels has something to do with his wife filing for divorce. The Herald-Leader dug up receipts showing Farmer spent more than seven grand to stay in Louisville hotels during State Fairs in the last four years, rather than drive the 56 miles home.

Listen. It’s Bill Johnson: He’s a Republican running for Secretary of State.  He’s got a new radio ad.

It’s Not About Abortion: Apparently, to win the GOP primary for governor you’ve got to be more against abortion than the other guy. That’s the big issue in Kentucky, right? LEO’s take.

Or About Birth Certificates:  Our own Al Mayo explains the silly birther fiasco. I was really proud of the President yesterday for calling out them fools.

Judy Green News: The embattled Council woman, who’s ruining the free rein of discretionary fund spending for everyone, faces an ethics commission hearing today. Follow Phillip Bailey for updates.

Steaming to an End: I think the days of steamboat races on the Ohio River are nearing an end. The KDF announced that due to the flooding, this year’s race won’t be held Derby Week, but on June 29, if the Belle of Cincinnati can make it down the River by then

Stupid at Sullivan: Suspension? It seems like there should be some harsher punishment for the two Sullivan students who created a Facebook page to make fun of fat folks on campus. Great story on WHAS-TV by Adam Walser.

Fun with Drunks: You can’t make this up. The woman got arrested when police found her peeing in the street.