WNB Factory franchisee to fill the late indie Lá Quế’s storefront

Judging from today’s cover photograph taken by F&D’s founder and publisher John Carlos White, it seems an outpost of the WNB (“wings & burgers”) Factory restaurant chain is set to occupy the 1019 Bardstown Road square footage formerly occupied by the indie Asian eatery Lá Quế.

At this moment it isn’t known when the franchisee intends to open. Founded in Atlanta in 1997, WNB Factory describes itself thusly:

Our goal at WNB FACTORY is to make the best darn wings & craft burgers you’ve ever had. We know how to do this, Period. With fresh, wholesome ingredients and lots of TLC. From fresh grilled burgers, buttery toasted buns, piping hot wings, serving the Best Wings & Burgers is our number one priority.

There are more than 50 WNB Factory locations in Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Texas and Ohio, although the vast majority are clustered around metropolitan Atlanta. Expect a “new-to-market” header at Louisville Business First.

Speaking of which, if you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to land a chain restaurant franchise, requirements obviously vary, but WNB Factory’s website helpfully lists criteria.


  • Entrepreneur drive
  • Restaurant experience preferred, but not required
  • Submit an application and financials
  • $500,000 min. net worth, $250,000 liquid assets
  • We are SBA approved and we have...Read more