Working Pet Owners Have Options

Care Options for Working Pet Owners

Employment and pet ownership don’t always mix too well. Thousands of people in Louisville work full-time. This is a good thing for the local economy, but it is not so great if you are desperate to offer a home to a dog. Luckily, there are options available if you are thinking about buying a pet dog this year and you don’t to leave it home alone while you go to work every day.

Unemployment in Kentucky is currently running at around 5.1%, which is lower than the national average. Increasing numbers of people are returning to the workforce as the local economy picks up, so if you are looking to give your career a boost, now is a great time to look for a job. The problem comes if you have a pet dog, as you will need to make arrangements for your canine friend for the hours when you are out at work.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Home Alone

Dogs don’t like to be left home alone all day. They need human company and can’t wait eight or more hours to be let out for a pee. Some Louisville owners do leave their dogs at home while they go to work all day, but this is inhumane. Dogs left alone can’t be expected to hold their bladder and bowels for more than five hours, especially senior dogs who have less control over their bodily functions.

Pet Sitters in Louisville 

One solution to the problem of dog care during work hours is to use a pet sitter. Pet owners in Florida can call upon a Tampa pet sitter, so it is reasonable to assume that pet owners in Louisville should have no problem finding a local pet sitter who can help them out. Pet sitters offer a very flexible service. They can come over to your place and take your dog out for walks, or you can drop your pet at their house for doggy daycare. Consider which option works best for you and take it from there.

Ask a Neighbor to Help

It is worth asking a neighbor to help out if you only work two or three days a week. As long as you get along well with your neighbor, they might be willing to call round and let your dog out for a toilet break and take him for a walk when you are at work.

Build an Outside Kennel

Kentucky has a moderate climate, so for much of the year, your dog might be quite happy to live out in the yard during the day. As long as he has a comfortable kennel with fresh water, food, and a bed to snooze in, you could leave your pet in the yard while you go to work. The downside is that he might bark all day long, which will upset your neighbors.

If you can’t find a solution for your pet dog while you are at work, consider re-homing him with someone who can better cater for his needs.