Would Anyone Go to Bluegrass Boardwalk?

Will This Ever Happen?

Is it When or If?: I have a hard time believing that the operators of Holiday World will actually, someday, strike a deal with the Fair Board that will allow them to open and operate Kentucky Kingdom. But yesterday it was news that members of the Koch family had formed a new company, Bluegrass Boardwalk, that will attempt to cut a deal.  And since there’s even a website and social media attached to the idea, it’s got to be real, right?

Rick Pitino, for one, is thrilled: The Rick has talked plenty about the need for the Big East to bring on Memphis to bolster its image. Yesterday the league made Memphis the fourth C-USA school (along with Houston, SMU and Central Florida.  I love the idea of renewing the Memphis rivalry with the Cardinals, and of the possibility of making a road trip to Beale Street.

OK. I’m Back In: Incumbent 37th District State Senator Perry Clark was quick to file paperwork for re-election yesterday once a Frankfort judge ruled against the Senate’s re-districting plan.  The new boundaries had put Clark’s residence outside the district, but when the judge ruled, suddenly Clark is back in. But the story is not over yet.

Yes, Out of Control: It’s bad enough for us regular citizens to know that Metro Government’s overtime system allows employees to double their salaries, but it is extra distressing to learn from Duane Pohlman’s report on WLKY that:  one of the biggest overtime recipients is paid by the city but spends his time working on union business; that a dispatcher was able to legally get 32 hour4s a week in overtime pay; and that they system allows employees to count time off for sick days to count toward overtime compensation. Apparently all the powers that be are powerless to change the system.

“Lashing Out” at the Media: This “lame the media” strategy is never a good idea, and it’s especially embarrassing if you’ve bumbled managing a small, public EMS department in which employees are complelled to speak to the media and file open records requests.. Oldham County Judge Executive David Voegele tried blaming WDRB for his troubles. But when he did, the station had everything he said on tape. Mr. Voegele, need a media strategist?

  SEX SEX SEX: And finally, the Bar Belle’s latest is worth a read, if only for the list of drunk sexts.