Yarmuth to Run Again, Hoping Mitch and Rand Walk

Rand Paul? Your limo is waiting.

On Wednesday evening, August 24, the reception hall  of 147 patient Metro DEMS waited an extra 20 minutes to hear the annual late summer delivery from 3rd District John Yarmuth–and oh, it was so worth it.

Entering the Metro Democratic Club gathering  from  the 95 degree heat in rolled up sleeves and a grin – the classic Yarmuth portrait – he was running at his heavily-booked  Louisville pace yet took an hour and a half to deliver both praise and punch for both the Commonwealth and the status quo for Washington DC, then entered a round of Q&A from club members.

Opening comments went to the WFPL broadcast earlier that day.  He mentioned that a caller had asked if he would run again. “Well, yes!,” Yarmuth shared with that caller, who said that it couldn’t be too comfortable in the capitol these days. That got Yarmuth’s attention.

He shared that just because something is difficult makes you uncomfortable shouldn’t mean you have to abandon the task. Yes, it’s uncomfortable  but it brings on the impetus to do what Democrats do best — fighting for things worth fighting for.

Bringing news back from the front, Yarmuth reported that Congress, especially in the light of the Debt Ceiling  fiasco (which he voted against), was is in a ” highly dysfunctional” state. However, there is a way out from under this mess.

As always, Yarmuth has a gift for blending frustration with hope. His body language speaks volumes when it comes to  his passion for leadership in Kentucky as well as the nation. And it’s often expressed with an acerbic sense of humor.

Urging us to get out and vote our conscience, Yarmuth said, “With any luck we can retire Mitch McConnell and send Rand Paul back to….Mars?” He probably wasn’t planning on that but after a brief pause– and I think “Bowling Green” just doesn’t roll of the lips as easily–he went for the jab.

That pushed the applause meter  into the red. Or, I guess that would be blue.