Yes, It’s Still March Madness, only 2012…Get Ready Louisville!

I know, I know, I should be talking about Horses and Derby hats,  bourbon, betting and Barnstable’s.

 Basketball is over, no more Blueston, no more Cardinals till the leaves start to turn colors…It really takes me a while to “put the ball away”. What has helped me in my catatonic, saddened state the past 2 weeks?( I am a Cardinal fan after all) No, not the bourbon mentioned….do you know me that well already? Come on, it’s like every Cardinal and Wildcat and Hoosier and Knight’s fan, it’s the thought of next year, the new season, the new players, all of our hope and joy thrown around for forty minutes in an orange orb… and guess who’s coming to play in our backyard to finish that new season off?

 March Madness  will be rolling into Louisville KY as we play host to the  NCAA  Division I  Men’s Basketball Championship Second/Third Rounds to be held at the KFC YUM! Center, March 15th & 17th, 2012. The fortunate  ( including me) who have U of L season tickets have a rare opportunity to purchase advance tickets until April 30th, when tickets will go on sale to the general public.

7000 tickets have already been allocated and there are 2 price points…minimum $165.00 to maximum $243.00. The catch is you do not know where your tickets will actually be until October of this year . 8 is the max you may purchase, and they might not all be together. I  will assume $165.00 will be nosebleed. You MUST order through the NCAA link, first come, first serve, and lots of additional rules and regulations to follow when you get there, and if you go to the website you will see that the NCAA Final Four tickets are already available for purchase in New Orleans until May 31st. The Final Four is March 31st through April 2nd, 2012…let’s all mark our calendars now, shall we?

The only caveat to this Louisville Host city thing is that our own Cardinals are denied the opportunity by NCAA regulation to actually play here. So, that being said, if  I was of the Big Blue Nation faithful, for that matter, might as well throw in Morehead, IU, Eastern, Western, Bellarmine , or anyone I missed that is a basketball fanatic,  please have your dialing finger, iphone app, or any ‘smart’ way at the ready on May 1st and your wallet open to purchase tickets to a rare event for our fine city. No matter who ends up playing here,the City of  Louisville wins!