You Are Not Changing Me with that Garbage that you wrote

Rick Pitino attacked C.L. Brown of the Courier in his press conference today, because The Rick thinks an article Brown wrote criticizing Pitino’s practice methods was erroneous. That’s a little New York coming out of Pitino in the featured quote above. I pulled a few more excerpts below, and here’s a link to the whole exchange.

Rick Pitino
Pitino directed his ire to the C-J today

Pitino doesn’t take criticism well, especially when things are going bad. I’ll never forget the one he had during the Karen Sypher mess, when he told the media that they should all ignore any news coming from Sypher. He assembled the media in a hastily-called press conference after seeing something on TV that Sypher had said.

Today he singled out Brown, who had written a story, with quotes from Denny Crum and Preston Knowles, that suggested that Pitino’s practices take too much out of his players. Apparently Pitino believes Brown did significant damage to the school’s recruiting efforts.

Some of Pitino’s comments:

“Don’t write erroneous things because you hear things. If you wanna ask me a question, I’ll give you an honest answer.”

“When I hear this nonsense that you wrote, from Kenny (Klein), about working too hard. . . ”

“We have recruits coming in and you’ve now given 1,500 other schools ammunition that’s not true.”