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Kimberly GreenwellA close source from the Kimberly Greenwell camp has confirmed that Ms. Greenwell is anticipating running again on the democratic ticket..but are being tight lipped about what office she will run for next. If you recall she ran against Ron Crimm in the heavily Republic 33rd district in Louisville KY and lost. But she came closer to winning that district than any democrat in a long time. Greenwell  raised considerably more funds than Crimm and public records show that she raised considerably more than many down ticket candidates across the Commonwealth.

Investigating closer I notice that Greenwell seems to be actively increasing her social media presence, upping her public profile and making appointments all over town. Are these signs of a 2012 run? Close sources say yes!

Ron Crimm meanwhile was seen at a Williams – Farmer bus tour where he told the Republican members that for Kentucky to be competitive, it must change “the tax system, the pension plan, the business environment and rural and urban people are going to have to work together to make Kentucky all she can be.”