Check Out Ben Sollee On Tour with New Music

Ben Sollee has released some great new music, and is touring the country. The Lexington native (hear his Rusty Satellite interview here) is on tour through March and April. Here’s the latest from Sollee himself about his new collection, called Steeples Part One.

Over the last two years I’ve been slowly working on a new collection of songs for you. Between touring and other projects I’d dip in to the studio to create and make. Now, I’m excited to share with you the first chapter, Steeples Part One.

Ben Sollee
Ben Sollee

As you all know, I run a small, very independent operation here in Kentucky. I like it that way, but it only works because of you, my smart and dedicated friends. So, pick your favorite listening source and please share, share, share the YouTube,SoundCloud, and Spotify links with your communities, online and off. If we build enough momentum, maybe we can put some of this new material out in physical form!

Come hear the new songs live! Over the next 5 weeks I’ll be bouncing all over the states and Canada playing shows with the remarkable Becca Stevens, bassist and composer Oliver Swain and Yonder Mountain String Band. Check out the full calendar of tour dates.

Steeples, Part One is available for purchase on iTunes.