Friday night fun in Kentucky… so much going on!

I can tell it’s spring because my weekends are getting busier. During winter I have trouble getting motivation to do anything, much less leave the house. My cabin fever is boring me, so it’s time to fill up my dance card again. If you’re looking to go out on Friday, read on for two suggestions:

If you’re up for a road trip, head to Bowling Green to hear The Galoots at the Sloan Convention Center. They are the best bluegrass live show I’ve ever seen, hands down. Shannon Lawson can play all kinds of music, but I just love hearing him with his ol’ Louisville buddies. I missed them in their heyday, but I’ve somehow managed to become friends with just about all the boys in the band.

Most of the advertisement for this show is on Facebook, so here’s the link to the event. It’s $10, and doors open at 6:00. The music probably doesn’t start for another hour or so. Remember, Bowling Green is on Central time, so you Louiville road-trippers get an extra hour.

I’m told The Galoots will be recording this show for a live CD, so maybe if you yodel — er, I mean scream — loud enough, you’ll hear yourself on a recording someday.


If you’re not up for a road trip, you should head to the Frazier Museum downtown for the Young Survivors’ Auction. Too many of my close friends and family members keep getting breast cancer, but thankfully because of organizations like Young Survivors, they have had resources to help them through the confusing and unsettling process of treatment and recovery. A family friend (and classmate of mine) started the Young Survivors several years ago after being diagnosed with BC at age 31. Since then, I’ve seen several other friends and acquaintances, who never would have thought they’d need an organization like that, bless her for starting it. Go there and buy stuff from the silent auction, eat green chili won-tons, and give them money.
It’s Friday from 6-10 and $10 at the door. Frazier Museum.

Loueyville wrote a great blog post about this, so I’ll stop babbling and link you to it.