Tonight w/ “Discount Guns”: Boot wearin’, hip shakin’, whiskey drinkin’ rock and roll

Catch Discount Guns tonight

Who remembers the rockin nights at Tewligan’s back in the day?

Has anyone noticed lately that we have a serious lack of out and out,  throw down , rock bars and the bands to fill them?

Like the Toy Tiger ( hairbands and all), Tewligan’s, that place somewhere downtown that hosted Southern Culture on the Skids, Butchertown Pub and the old list goes on…

Well, I do, but we may have a solution to that tonight. The Haymarket Whiskey Bar is having a soft opening (see Chris Ritter’s post about it here)

and the guests should expect a rockin good time provided by my new favorite rockers: Discount Guns

Located at 331 East Market St., the soft opening of ‘Haymarket Whiskey Bar’ is this Saturday at 9:00pm.

I heard these guys via my bud, Keef Richards w/ Tattoo Babylon ( a Rolling Stones Tribute Band) last summer.

Immediately I thought: Bodeco. If you don’t know the Louisville legends,  Bodeco, get to know them…better yet, come see the guns tonight.

Its the original boot wearing, hip shakin’, whiskey drinkin’ music from the mid to late 90’s. Ricky Feather and Wink O’Bannon would tear the walls down anywhere they went. with their “Bone Hair and HIde” album with songs like “Gunslingin’ Zulu Queen”. If you were there, you were movin’. And soaking wet by the end.

Bodeco may be long gone, but the closest I have heard to that genre has landed again in the ‘Ville, and its the Discount Guns. Big damn guns.

Edward Vincent and John Ford just may be 2012’s answer to the same rock-and-freaking -roll we all have been missing.

These two Louisville transplants via Southern Illinois,  landed here and absolutely sing the praises of Louisville. They moved here for the culture, and wanted to  make a band, and with the two doing it all, have a sound as big as their love of rock and roll. Ford has been traveled to the likes of Austin, Montana and Alabama, which could have brought some of the rootsy blues along to the Guns. They love the size of the town, and all of our different eclectic neighborhoods and the feel of the city.

“ We aren’t trying to fake it, ” quips Vincent. “we are in it for what it is.”

And what is it? Pure, unadulteraed, gritty,  rock-a-billy, Popcorn -Sutton -moonshine strength sound.

If you can sit still when “Things have changed” comes on, you have more control than I. Hard hitting and fast on the ones and the threes, the guitar and the backdrums is a head shaker. Mixing it up and slowing it down in the middle, it reminds me of a great kiss you head into quickly, savor,  and then finish with a bang.

The riffs are stripped from the likes of old deep south blues, with some crazy T Rex or Jack White loudness all bundled up in a 120 proof duet.

“This is like 3 chord stuff, as in days of old.” compares Edward Vincent

So organic is their love of rock and roll, that they mastered their own EP and released it for free ( download it here).

“We are not in it for the money, we have played shows and made about $10 bucks, and thats all good, because we are interested in rock.” ~ John Ford

 Discount Guns is John Ford on Guitar, Bass, Drums,  and Vocals along with pal 

Edward Vincent also on Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals.

Huh? thats right kids, these guys have the chops to rock any venue and if that place is rockin, you better come a knockin’! 

So get your boots on, loosen those hips and  come on out!