Website gives Louisville Ky folks a chance to Say a quick ‘Thank You’ to veterans around the world

Louisville, Ky., – TroopTree, a new free social platform helping military members communicate with friends and family, is sending a Veterans Day thank you at 6 p.m. PST today to the thousands of men and women in the Armed Forces in their network!

TroopTree allows members of the military to send messages to each other and loved ones. It’s powered by patented FutureSend technology, which allows users to record/upload, store and schedule video messages to be delivered immediately or at specific dates and times in the future. The platform also allows people to record public thank you videos that will be shared with the company’s network of thousands of active and veteran military members.

Halle Berry

People can add their thank you videos to those made by celebrities like Halle Berry, Nick Cannon, and WWE wrestlers.

Here is the link to do so –