Floyds Fork Fun

Definitely a way to possibly stay cool this weekend – the 20th Annual Floyds Fork Clean Up. Apparently they will be cleaning up Floyd’s Fork by canoe this Saturday, June 4 starting at 9 am at Floyds Fork Park.

I hear everything is free – including Breakfast, lunch and refreshments provided & Picnic Lunch. Some canoes will be provided free to use with life jackets and paddles by calling 267-6883 or emailing Teena Halbig teenahal@aol.com – make a reservation now.

If you have your own canoe or kayak, bring it. But let’m know so they can have some food and drinks for everyone.

I hear lots of local reps will be out there including the Mayor starting at 9 am.

*Direction to Floyds Fork Park: Go behind Hatmaker’s Gas Station – now called Circle “K”/Shell. (Note:  Hatmaker’s address is 14305Taylorsville Road ).  If headed toward Fisherville on Taylorsville Road , turn RIGHT onto South Pope Lick Road off Taylorsville Road . Follow the signs, go over the bridge and meet at the shelter in Floyds Fork Park .

If you go, take some pics and share with us!