Gordon Ramsay Steak, coming soon to Caesars Southern Indiana

Gordon Ramsay Steak, coming soon to Caesars Southern Indiana

Internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe, from the UK and France to Singapore and the United States. Gordon has also become a star of the small screen both in the UK and internationally, with shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell and MasterChef US.

Caesars Southern Indiana might have been situated in New Albany, but twice during the 1990s citizens of Floyd County voted against gaming, and so the facility put down roots just across the Harrison County line, seven miles to the southwest.

For a while Caesars was known as Horseshoe, then reverted to Roman imagery (Caesars is plural, denoting multiple emperors, and not possessive, as in the property of one).

I was mildly surprised to learn that Jack Binion’s (possessive) Steakhouse at Caesars first brought “a taste of Las Vegas to metro Louisville” in 2008. That’s a long run for any restaurant, and now Jack Binion has departed the town of Elizabeth to make way for a famous culinary Englishman, whose establishment will debut later in 2022.

Here’s an excerpt from the information release.

Gordon Ramsay Steak at Caesars Southern Indiana

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