Life In Louisville Goes On

OK, so let’s get on with Derby season. I was in the throng at the St. Matthews Molly Malone’s Saturday night, where the letdown after DeAndre Liggins shot clanged off the rim was palpable. It so happened that WLKY-TV’s Kristen Drew was there most of the night, preparing for, get this, a three-hour post-game broadcast. Anybody else NOT watching the Butler-Connecticut game Monday night?

Already a rumor about Cal

We’ve got a great assessment of what UK basketball is all about from Billy Reed — it’s a great read. And now in sports it’s on to unfounded rumor season — starting with this one from Sports Illustrated speculating that the UK coach wants to get back to the NBA.

Let’s catch up with what else has been going on while we were all focused on hoops, shall we?

Dear New York Times: No, I will not pay to get past your new pay wall, even to read Maureen Dowd. But it was cool of you to send reporter Michael Washburn down here for 36 hours. He mentioned some hotspots like 21C, Zanabar and Jack Fry’s, but also stopped in at Hillbilly Tea and the Holy Grale. Here’s a choice section of prose:

The last decade has seen a cultural and civic blooming, with new galleries, restaurants and performance spaces taking their place alongside the city’s already robust roster of seductions.

I’m with Arianna: She’s got a great explanation of why paywalls aren’t the solution to the mainstream media’s problems.

Jockey in Jail: It was sad to see jockey Robby Horse/triplecrown2011/news/story?id=6285615″>Albarado arrested Friday on domestic violence charges at his East End home. Kimber Albarado, according to a police report, “had strangulation marks” around her neck.  The dispute was reportedly over a cell phone. Albarado grew up in Louisiana but now lives here, and started a charitable foundation four years ago.

Green With Anger: On Friday, embattled Councilwoman Judy Green was sufficiently angered by a fake LEO letter published in the weekly’s April Fool issue that she issued a formal press release reminding people that she didn’t actually write “Shame on You, Asshole.”

Code for Screwed Up:  The C-J’s big front-page story Sunday was about a report it “obtained recently” that was written by Bill Bardenwerper. The 14-page report has been floating around City Hall and elsewhere since it was written in January. As I wrote in February, the report included input only from contributors to Greg Fischer’s campaign. And to his credit, Fischer rejected it, kinda, by ordering a full audit of the Planning Department.

Food Stamps for the Finger-Lickin‘:  The same company spending $10 million a year to put its name on the side of a building is lobbying government to allow it to take food stamps so it can sell tacos to poor people.

See Ya in 2017: That’s the earliest Karen Sypher will get out of prison, if she actually shows up this week.  Here’s what it’s like there.

Dick’s Place: If you ever get yourself invited to Dick and Ardi’s for a party, don’t say no. The C-J took a look at their Prospect home.

And in just a month: It’ll be Derby Week. Here’s a new spot from the Mint Jubilee: