Louisville Mayor announces expanded recycling options

You may share Virginia Forest’s experience with recycling. She found that most of the stuff she once threw in her garbage could be recycled – if only it would fit in that tiny orange recycling bin. Meanwhile, like many of us, Ms. Forest found that her big, black tub for garbage was going practically unused. Well, Virginia is the first resident in the 8th and 9th districts with a new solution to that problem, thanks to an expanded pilot program in The Green Triangle.

Recycling Pilot offers big carts to some Louisville businesses and residents.

Building on the success of a pilot along Frankfort Avenue, Mayor Greg Fischer, Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, and Councilman Tom Owen announced today expanded recycling services for businesses in the 8th and 9th districts – and for residents in the 9th District.

These expanded recycling options were announced on Mayor Fischer’s 100th day in office. He hopes the new recycling options will soon be available for every resident in Louisville, increasing the amount of waste that is recycled and reducing the amount that goes to the landfill.

“Since the early days of my campaign, I’ve been looking for ways to expand recycling services to residents and businesses in Louisville,” said Mayor Fischer. “We’re hoping that this pilot can build momentum, and provide some insight, as we examine the feasibility of making recycling the easy and cost-effective thing to do, for both taxpayers and for government.”

The Frankfort Avenue pilot program has been a great success. Other businesses have asked for expanded recycling and are willing to help Metro Government fund a portion of the cost, said Ward-Pugh. “We welcome the Mayor’s involvement and his willingness to be innovative with new programs while saving tax dollars.”

small bins
Small bins can't hold all the recycleable waste.

Beginning today, businesses located on Mellwood Avenue, Brownsboro Road, and Lexington Road, in the 9th District, and Bardstown Road (between Broadway and Taylorsville Rd), in the 8th District, will be able to join Frankfort Avenue businesses in participating, for the first time, in Louisville Metro Recycling Services.

By paying a one-time $50 fee, businesses will receive an orange 96-gallon recycling cart, which will be picked up by Louisville Metro Solid Waste Management as part of its regular routes. Businesses will contact their council office to request the carts: 9th District businesses should contact David Caldwell at 574-1109 or david.caldwell@louisvilleky.gov, and businesses along Bardstown Road in the 8th district should contact Terra Long at 574-1108 or terra.long@louisvilleky.gov.

Councilman Owen will be walking door-to-door inviting businesses to sign up.

“The willingness of businesses to help us improve our environment is encouraging,” says Owen. “Pilot programs like these are how we can gauge the willingness of all in our community to work with us on key issues we face.”

In addition to expanded business recycling, residents in the 9th District also will be able to request 96-gallon recycling carts for use at their residences. A resident will pay a one-time $55 fee, and have their choice of receiving a 96-gallon recycling cart, or an orange lid for their existing garbage cart and a new 64-gallon garbage cart.

“Our residents and businesses have been asking for this for a long time. Recycling was the number one area of interest identified by a recent survey in the Green Triangle. Everyone is really concerned with how they can recycle more and keep more waste out of the landfill,” says Ward-Pugh.

The Green Triangle is District 9’s sustainability initiative, envisioning more green space, green options for transportation and more green thinking for conservation. The Frankfort Avenue business recycling program, which began in August 2010, included more than 50 businesses which diverted well over 100,000 gallons of waste from the landfill.

Virginia Forest is the first Louisville resident to get into recycling in a big way. She handed Metro Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer a $55 check for an orange lid that turns her current 96-gallon trash cart into a recycling cart. She also received a new, smaller 64-gallon garbage cart.

For a list of what materials are recyclable in Louisville, visit the Solid Waste website at http://www.louisvilleky.gov/SolidWaste/recycling/Recyclable+Materials.htm.

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