LouisvilleKY Metro Council approves Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures


Anonymous Tip Line ordinance amended to include Metro Council employees

Louisville – By a unanimous vote, the Louisville Metro Council has approved a Resolution adopting Anti – Harassment Policies and Procedures for council members and council employees.

          The Metro Council has also approved an Ordinance amending the Anonymous Tip Line operated by the Metro Government Office of Internal Auditor to now include council employees.

          “This policy has been months in the making and I appreciate the support of my colleagues as we have worked through this tough, but necessary process. I believe what was passed tonight is legislation that ensures the protection of not only elected Metro Council members but any employee of the Metro Council. No one should ever feel unsafe in their work place and I will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure this to be true for anyone at city hall,” says Councilwoman Angela Leet (R-7), who co-sponsored both pieces of legislation.

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          “There was a void in the policy and procedures as it pertained to City Hall employees and it was imperative we bring all employees including Council members, under the purview of a Sexual Harassment policy,” said Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1), who is also a co-sponsor of the legislation  “Everyone has a right to work in a safe environment free of any form of harassment, this legislation ensures that everyone in City Hall is protected and held accountable.”

          Under the new policies and procedures, sexual harassment is defined. There is a reporting process in place to review any employee complaint with notifications through an immediate supervisor or an individual council person. The new policies also deal with alleged harassment by a member of the Metro Council.

          The policies have the involvement of a third party investigator if needed.  There is a timeline involved for the investigation and final resolution. The policies spell out the types of resolution to the complaint. If an allegation against a sitting council member is found to be true resolution could range from censure to setting a removal process in place according to state law.