Karen Sypher’s Whitley City Circus

Karen Sypher's days in the spotlight are numbered

It could be that this week will be the last time local TV stations have a convenient excuse to lead their newscasts with recycled footage of Karen Sypher walking in and out of the courthouse, but she’s not going down quietly.

Last night she appeared on a radio station in Whitley City, Ky. promising to reveal more new evidence prior to her Friday sentencing. The radio show, hosted by Darlene Fitzgerald Price (a newly recruited member of her legal team and failed U.S. Senate candidate), airs on a station that couldn’t support even the miniscule traffic that Sypher had generated in Louisville. The message on the HAY98.com website is that the owner exceeded the bandwidth limit.

What Sypher needs, it seems, is a media consultant, someone who could have bought a half-hour on a local radio station or, THE INTERNET, if she really wanted anyone to hear her bogus claims.

WLKY-TV told viewers it couldn’t get the feed. WHAS-TV had it, including some nominations for the Sypher Quote Hall of Fame:

“I would have more rights in Afghanistan. If what happened to me is allowed to stand it will happen to others, maybe even you.”

Then there’s this one:

“Basically I was brought up on trumped-up charges in order to shut me up when I refused to be silenced. I was then railroaded in a nightmare trial where none of my evidence and none of my 19 witnesses were called to testify, as well as myself.”

OK, she also needs a speechwriter.

Even Sypher’s juiciness is wearing thin in local media.  I’m not sure WAVE even mentioned the story yesterday, and Fox41 ignored the radio broadcast, mentioning Sypher’s desperate motions in court. Even the Courier ignored the Whitley City Circus — the paper probably couldn’t get the feed, either.