Louisville should have this…

Photo by Ben Tobin

As someone in development (the proper term for being a fundraiser), I am always curious and excited by unique concepts, especially ones that can be used to benefit a charity (see my earlier post on the upcoming Bacon Ball for LVAA). So, when stumbling upon this big city concept of Pop-Up Restaurants, I was intrigued. I had to do some research – here and here, and oh here, too.

I believe we have enough foodies and do-gooders for this to happen in Louisville. But, like the struggles that Food Truck businesses have had, would our fair city let this be Possible. Is this another thing that might not be quite feasible in Possibility City?

Good events, like good restaurants have that certain je ne sais quoi. They just work. There are reasons, but thinking about them make the event or location kind of uncool. I think the folks with Louisville Uncorked figured it out. Make it exclusive, different, affordable and people will come. In DROVES.

What cool things have you seen elsewhere that we should have here? Or what totally unique idea do you have?