Roundup: Why We’re Fat, Louisville

Let's Get Something for Caving in to Todd Blue on Main

You feeling it? Warmth, sunshine. Coming this weekend. Meanwhile, you should, but won’t, attend the Car-Free Happy Hour tonight at Browning’s.

Here’s some top hits from the news. . .

Big Daddy on Whiskey Row: Greg Fischer is not going to take my suggestion and make Todd Blue offer Frank Faris a spot for a new Ginny’s Diner on Whiskey Row. But couldn’t he at least not write in the deal that Blue can operate a parking lot there for 5 years? Or say that if does, that Blue himself has to stand out there in the street waving cars in to the lot.  And why, Mayor Fischer, did you leave that detail out of last week’s release?

More than a Dozen?: So much press, so few people who are angry enough to show up to protest the city’s gift to Todd Blue.

You Looking at Me?: Anybody not outraged that Kyle Kuric got T’d up after that spectacular dunk at Notre Dame last night? Since when are facial expressions against the rules? Follow that link to get Kuric’s explanation.

Penis in Headline Alert: My advice to this guy would to never, ever use your penis as a place to hide the cocaine.

You’re Fat, Too: A new ranking puts Louisville second only to Orlando for having the most fast-food joints per capita in the U.S. 377 of ’em.  Also, local TV seems to have the most, awful, fast-food commercials. I’m talking to you, Dairy Queen.

8664 Won? Let’s change the Rules: After making plenty of noise about how it would set up a meeting with the Mayor for the big idea that got the most traction in a contest, the Greater Louisville Project people changed the rules, since the Mayor doesn’t want to spend five minutes talking with Tyler Allen about bridges. In LEO.

Forecastle Skips a Year:  The big summer festival won’t happen this year, though in July there will be a halfway to the 2012 Forecastle show. Plenty of big shots, including the Mayor, attended a morning press conference. J.K. McKnight, the founder, says it’ll be bigger and better than ever then.

Creative Threat and Equally Creative HeadlineWLKY headline – Decapitation Threatened in Road Rage Incident. What actually happened: Some dude got out of his car and told another motorist “I will cut your head off.”

Sadly, I was Left Off The List: Angie Fenton, Buddy the Bat, John Yarmuth and John Belski made LEO’s List of Local Celebrities “You’d Like to Roll Around with.”

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